CHEM 33200
Fall 2021: Physical Chemistry II

    The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to quantum mechanics and its basic applications to chemical problems.


    CHEM 33000 (or ChE 22900 and ChE 33000); CHEM 25000 or MATH 213; PHYS 20800.

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  3. Lecture 1 - Classical Theory of Blackbody Radiation
    Lecture 2 - The Boltzmann Distribution
    Lecture 3 - Planck's Theory of Blackbody Radiation
    Lecture 4 - Photoelectric Effect, Specific Heats of Solids and the Bohr Atom
    Lecture 5 - Wave Mechanics and the Schrodinger Equation
    Lecture 6 - Quantum Mechanical Operators
    Lecture 7 - Applications of the Schrodinger Equation - Particle in a Box
    Lecture 8 - Applications of the Schrodinger Equation - Barrier Problems
    Review 1
    First Exam
    Lecture 9 - The Harmonic Oscillator
  4. Lecture 10 - The Hydrogen Atom
    Lecture 11 - Angular Momentum
    Lecture 12 - The Variation Method
    Lecture 13 - The Perturbation Method
    Review 2
    Second Exam
    Lecture 14 - Many Electron Atoms
    Lecture 15 - The Chemical Bond
    Lecture 16 - Polyatomic Molecules
    Lecture 17 - Hybridization
    Lecture 18 - Hückel Theory
    Review 3
    Third Exam

    All lectures notes will be posted here a week prior to the particular lecture in most cases.


Time: MW 9:00-10:45 AM
Room: NAC 4/220C

Note that all classes and exams will be held in person and there will be no remote access.

Attendance in class is not mandatory but students are strongly encouraged to do attend.


There will be three examinations, with each counting equally towards the final grade. There will be no makeup examinations except under extraordinary circumstances.


The following textbooks are suggested but not required:
(1) Physical Chemistry 7th Edition
Atkins and De Paula

(2) Physical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach
McQuarrie and Simon


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